About Black Harbor Games

Black Harbor Games creates board games and helps others create board games too!

Our Mission Statement

Here at Black Harbor Games we believe in play. What could be more natural? From the time we’re weened, on through our school years, and straight into adulthood, parenthood, grand-parenthood, and all the way to our very last days we are either playing, or teaching someone else to play, or being taught ourselves. It’s all part of growing up, if we truly grow up at all. And yet, who isn’t some part child? We all are, and we never fully grow up or outgrow the need to play. To enjoy ourselves. To spend some time relaxing. Or competing. Or challenging ourselves at solitaire of some form or other.

So come join us. Learn a new game. Invent one of your own. Share it with others and see what they think. Maybe you’ll have a game that goes on to sell millions of copies. Or maybe you’ll find the holes that keep your game from selling so well. Or just maybe, you’re not interested in sales. Maybe you have a freebie that you’ve designed and would like to send out into the world just to make people happy.

Come and join us, visit for a while, look around and see what’s what and who’s who. And remember, Black Harbor Games is here for you. To help make play just a little more enjoyable.