Welcome to Our Member Page

List of member benefits coming soon!

Benefits of Membership

We are in the process of hammering out our Membership Agreement and the benefits that we would like to offer. So far, it seems as though membership to our site might look something like the following (with some possible modifications):

Great Content

We would like to have a number of member written articles posted on our member pages together with a selection of tools you may find useful. And as a member, you would have the opportunity to submit an article for consideration.

Quick Tips

Quick tips are brief suggestions for anything from work flow shortcuts to money saving measures and other tricks of the trade. We would regularly post the tips we find most useful (or otherwise creative) from among those submitted by our members. Here are some examples of the type of tips we publish:

Need custom dice? Using masking tape on dollar store dice works well enough. These dice are cheap and plentiful and you don’t have to feel bad if mess one up. Frank and Debbie, Miami

Don’t have blank card stock to sketch your game board on? Try flattening out a cereal box and using the back side of the cardboard. Carl, Jersey City, NJ

Blog Posts

Members would also be welcome to submit blog posts, and ideas for blog posts, for consideration of use on our blog.

News Releases

As a member, if you were to publish a new game through a major publisher, especially through a traditional publisher, we would like to welcome the opportunity to release (or re-release) this news through our website.


Becoming the first to receive our newsletter. Members would soon be able to get their copies of each newsletter by email before we post it on our website.


Do you have a Freebie you’d like to share? Becoming a member might be for you because we would only accept Freebies from our members. (As part of the membership agreement, each member would agree to state the provenance of their proposed Freebie and either gift it to Black Harbor Games, enter it into the public domain, or release it, for example, under the Creative Commons copyright.)


While we would also run contests that are open to guests, only members would be able to enter our members-only contests.

Member Spotlight Pages

As we grow, we would like to offer Member Spotlight Pages. And as a member, you would then be able to present a game in progress for peer review and critical analysis. Here’s how it might work: Simply request a member spotlight page and, depending on availability, post a PDF of your game together with some text and/or a link to a short video.

Member Directory

If a member chose to, they would be able to make their name visible in the directory or not, and to share their contact information or not.


If you were to attend an event (or have one of your own) and you were to drop us a line, we would consider posting a few pics and maybe a short blurb about the event and what you saw and did there.

Resource Reviews

Only members would be able to provide resource reviews.

Continued Growth

We look forward to growing alongside you and welcome your email comments and suggestions for other features to include on our site. Please let us know what you think.