In Part 8 of this series, we presented:

“I Hate Dice” – Game Purists Speak Their Mind

And we saw that while some people really, really dislike the over-use of dice in games (because of randomness gone out of control), there are those that will meet you half way. Especially if you give them an alternative to dice (usually), or (sometimes even) just a very good reason to use dice in a particular game.

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Today’s post:

In this series we have talked about dice from a historical perspective, from the collector’s point of view, and we have heard from the anti-dice camp as well. We examined the law, the inventor’s contribution, and randomizers other than dice. As well s a few other things.

So, … What’s left to talk about? Plenty! But instead, we’ll just ease up on the text a bit and share a group of photos that we could call : “Dice Cousins”, or maybe just : “Dice at work and play”.

Have fun. Enjoy. Hope these photos prompt some great ideas for game play. 🙂