In Part 6 of this series, we presented :

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In this post we will begin to explore the fascinating hobby of dice collection. A hobby that some folks can’t get enough of and a hobby that others disdain.

It’s a waste of time,” they say. “There’s nothing there to see. Once you’ve seen one pair of dice, you’ve seen them all.”

Boy, are they wrong! And here, my friend, is the evidence:

White Dice

Collecting dice can be a hobby for people of almost any age. From about middle school age all the way through retirement and beyond.

Rainbow Dice

From simple white dice to all the colors of the rainbow, dice collections can be extremely varied.

Poker Dice

Poker dice can be a good choice to add to any collection. They make great conversation starters.

Orange Dice

Plastic or acrylic dice are usually very colorful and shiny. And sometimes they’re translucent enough to read through.

Pink Dice

And they come in everybody’s favorite color. Just ask for them by color name and see what your local dealer has in stock.

Alphabet Dice

Alphabet dice have been included in quite a few games and they’re also sold as stand alone anagram games.

Asian / Indian Dice

Dice from India and Asia often have red 1’s and 4’s which hold special meaning in some games and even in the culture as a whole.

Gold Dice

And how about those really rare dice?
Anybody up for a solid gold game of Yahtzee?

Wooden Dice

And for the rest of us, they even make dice out of wood.
This type of dice (large wooden ones) can be used outside as a lawn game.

Whoever said dice collecting was boring was dead wrong. Stay tuned for more insights next week as we continue to explore the art of collecting dice.

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