In order to breathe life into your work you must follow the same guidelines as you would with physical breathing. Here’s a checklist for those of us that don’t consciously think about what we do when we breathe. Or, more to the point, what we might do when we seek inspiration:

1. Breathe In, and Out, and In, and Out (now you do it …) – EXERCISE

  • Brainstorm, by yourself or with someone else.
  • Sketch out some of your ideas.
  • Give inspiration a little something to work with.

2. Open a Window Once in a While – Maintain a Good Supply of Fresh Air

  • Read new material.
  • Play new games.
  • Visit a few websites you’ve never visited before.

3. Breathe Deeply – But Don’t Hyper-Ventilate

  • Maintain a fairly rigid schedule but don’t overdo it.
4. Avoid Toxins – Don’t Smoke
  • Don’t be distracted by lack of success or envy.
  • And don’t play space invaders or solitaire instead of slogging it out until the end
5. Go Forth into the World – Get Out and Interact with Your Environment
  • Try brand new, unrelated things.
  • Meet new people.
  • Start a new hobby.
  • Go into a market or theme park or museum where you’ve never gone before.
6. Sow Seeds, Plant Trees
  • Make notes of where to re-visit and what to do on your next trip.
  • And view this like an assignment from god (or your mother, father, teacher).
7. Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors – and Listen to Them When They Beep
  • Know when you’re being distracted, it’s poison.
  • Stop doing whatever it is that’s lulling you to sleep.
  • Enlist a second pair of eyes if you have to, or even a third.
  • Put yourself back on the creative track.
  • Be inspired!